Beavers Bend State Park is Oklahoma’s Best Kept Secret

Love the great outdoors?  Looking for an adventure filled vacation nestled in the beautiful forest? Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma is the perfect family destination. Why not go to a state park and stay in one of the Beavers Bend cabins?

They offer tons of individual and group activities.  You can go on an eagle watch. Why not try your hand at horseback riding or archery? Trout fishing is one of the most popular activities. They also offer hayrides and canoeing. They have golf, mini-golf, tennis, jet skiing, bumper boats, crafts classes, hiking, astronomy tours, and more. There really is something for everybody at Beavers Bend.

As you take a walk through the Forest Heritage museum you’ll find historical documents, wood art, homestead memorabilia, ancient tools, and a plethora of other forest related artifacts. Each display actually has a taped narration, so you won’t have to stand there guessing what is being shown.

Beavers Bend State Park was named after John T. Beavers, a Choctaw intermarried citizen. It is the site of an old Choctaw settlement. The bend in the name refers to the part of the Mountain Fork River that turns sharply at almost a 180 degree turn.

The local rock formations are some of the most recognizable sights in Oklahoma. They are mostly made of sedimentary rock. Some of the rock layers can be seen to be tilted up to 60 degrees! This is a perfect destination for geology enthusiasts.

The inspiring landscape will leave you in awe of Earth’s natural wonders. Get away from the drudgery of city life and escape to the beautiful canopy of Beavers Bend State Park. Become one with nature and find your roots. Camp under the stars, or stay in a cabin. Go for a swim or hike down a trail. Or do it all!